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Filipino Funeral Superstitions

It’s bad to sweep floors around the house until after funeral.

Don’t pile plates on top of each other cause there might be a continuous death.

All the family members of the deceased should not take a bath or comb hair right in their house but they can do it in other houses.

The widow must have her/his own chair and nobody can sit on it, the elders believes that when a married person sits on the chair of the widow, it will not take long and their wife or husband will also die.

If a pregnant woman takes a look at the dead in the burial she might have a hard time giving birth or the baby in her womb dies.

Avoid tears dropping on the the coffin, the spirit of dead might struggle going to the afterlife.

When you are going to attend a funeral. If you are late, do not show up.

Everybody is not allowed to sleep at the burial. There should always be someone assigned to watch the dead because evil spirits might take away the body of the dead.

When the burial is finished, the place where the burial takes place should be cleaned before the visitors who attend the burial arrive and they need to wash their hands before entering the house.

If the person who died is old, the children and grandchildren should kiss their hand for blessing as sign of goodbye before burial.

Do not pour the coins from your wallet that you will contribute to the deceased and do not make noise where the coins will be placed.

On the day of the funeral the head of the deceased should be taken out first when exiting the room.

The first contribution for the dead must be waved on the door three times so that more help will come.

Put money on the pillow of the dead and before the funeral begins get the money and invest it in a business to enhance your personal fortune.

Cover the mirror with a piece of cloth in the house where the burial is so that the soul of the dead will not show.    

The family of the person who died must avoid saying thank you to friends and visitors or to those who are providing assistance.

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