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Pinoy Pregnancy Superstitions

Pregnant women must avoid sitting near the door or on the stairs, she will struggle with giving birth later on.

If the pregnant woman eats twin bananas she will give birth to twins. She must split the twin bananas behind her back to prevent it.

If the pregnant woman eats left-overs, she will develop cravings in the night and will have problems sleeping.

If you want your husband to experience how hard your cravings are, step over him three times so be careful do not wake him so it will be effective.

Do not eat an eggplant or a banana heart while you’re pregnant, when you give birth later on, every each time the baby cries it will have a hard time breathing and will turn to the same color as the eggplant.

If the first thing a newborn baby eats is the rear end of the chicken they will become talkative as they grow up and begin to speak like the rear of the chicken

When a hen is crowing, it’s a sign that a girl will get pregnant where it’s facing

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#1: Guest #151 (polarStar*) - at 16:56 on 08 Jun 2015

Haha. ..the last one is so scary. Avoid a crowing hen then.. .hahaha

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