Photo kindly provided by Diane Nicoll and Timothy the cat.

Unlucky Filipino Superstitions

It’s a bad sign to smell the smoke of a candle, a loved one may die unexpectedly.

Do no sweep floors at night because you will sweep good luck away also.

Elders say that if it rains after you have washed a cat then you will be hit by lightning.

When the dog is howling in the middle of the night it sees bad spirits that humans cannot see. It also means bad will happen to one of your loved ones.

Elders shouldn’t allow innocent girls to leave a building by climbing through the window as they may not be able to marry - the guy will just elope her.

If you see a black cat on the road do not allow it to pass on the path you’re crossing or it will bring bad luck

If you kill a cat you will have bad luck for 7 years no matter how well your life is going

It’s bad luck to travel by ship or boat, when you have a new born baby. Wait until after baptism.

Elders say avoid taking showers on Friday because of the strong powers of evil spirits

It is bad luck to cut or trim your nails on a Friday

Do not take showers when full it may cause you to have stomach spasms

To avoid getting lice, do not use a lice comb at nights.

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#2: Sandy - at 03:26 on 09 Apr 2014

Hi Diane,

Thank you for your message. I am very sorry about that, the heading was provided to me by an independent graphics designer and I believed the images were original.

I will look into this right away and will update you by email about the best way to give credit to you for the image.



#1: Guest #64 (Diane) - at 20:07 on 03 Apr 2014

I note you are using my image in your website banner, the black cat profile photo. Could you kindly list attribution from this image as the copyright requests? Thank you!

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