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Filipino Superstitions of Wealth

A person graduating from school must hold coins for good luck to be able to get a job easily.

Attaching money to the ceiling during the new year celebrations will bring propsperity into the household.

If you are attending a job interview, putting coins in your shoes may attract success.

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#2: Guest #17 (Itchiko) - at 03:08 on 11 Jan 2014

During new year celebration, you should put coins on your pocket and wear polka dots to be prosperous on the coming year

Gather a lot of coins and exactly 12am on the start of a new year, scatter the coins in all parts of your house to bring money into your home

#1: Sandy - at 09:37 on 10 Jan 2014


My friend, John, tried selotaping money on the ceiling; three fifty pound notes. The next day, he had a job offer for exactly 50 driving his taxi! So, that's a good sign. Maybe it works!

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